Upload your code automatically with Deployer

Add Multiple Projects

You can add multiple projects, in Deployer, manage them.

Detailed deployment logs

Get detailed deployment, logs about your deployment.

Manual and automatic deployment modes

In Automatic deployment mode, will deploy the changes as you make them. In Manual deployment mode, pressing the Deploy button will upload the changes.

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How it works?

Add your project in Deployer.

Add your project directory in deployer, and enter your server setting.

Select the deployment mode

Deployer offers two deployment modes, Manual and Automatic. In automatic it will automatically upload code as you make changes, in manual mode it will upload the changes when you hit the deploy now button.

Add commands to run after deployment

Optionally you can specify commands to run after deployment, on the server. e.g: Commands to restart your app.

Deployer watches your code directory and uploads the changes to your server as you make them.


Deployer increases the developer productivity by taking the pain out the software deployment on the server.

Deployer watches your code directory, and deploys the code on the server as you make the changes or deploys the changes with a click of button.

You can upload the changes,run the commands and import the databases in your server with just one click, making you more productive and help you focus on what you do best: Coding.