Deploy your apps in an instant.

We are developers too, and we were tired of manually uploading the code to the server, so we build deployer with powerful set of features which will help you setup continuous deployment with ease.



Deployer offers powerful set of options to suit your needs, it offers multiple deployment modes, detailed logs and multiple connection options support for multiple projects and more.

Automatic Deployment Mode.

Deployer offers automatic deployment mode, in this mode the deployer watches your project directory and automatically uploads changes in realtime.

Your project directory is replicated on the server as you make changes in the files, add/remove files and directories they are uploaded or deleted from the server.

You can enter commands to run after the deployment, like restarting your server, and deployer will run after each upload.

Manual Deployment Mode.

It also offers manual deployment mode, in this mode the deployer keeps the record of changes, and when you hit the deploy now button it uploads the changes.

In the manual mode deployer doesn't automatically upload the changes as you make them but waits for you unit you press the 'Deploy Now' button, and then upload them.

After deployment the deployer will run commands e.g restarting your server or running the tests etc.

Detailed Deployment Logs

Deployer provides detailed deployment logs, logging each setup of the deployment process you that you can be sure of what it's doing.

Deployer logs the files uploaded, the commands it is running, and errors that
occured during deployment.